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As a member of NSVAS you are also a member of FOSA (Friends of State Arboretum), the Virginia Bluebird Society, and the Purple Martin Society. This means that you may participate in these organization's events at the member rate.

The websites for these organizations are:

FOSA: www.blandy.virginia.edu

Virginia Bluebird Society: www.virginiabluebirds.org

Purple Martin Conservation Association: www.purplemartin.org

*** Dues are due April 15th of every year ***

Join or Renew your Membership at only $15 per year (per Individual, Household, or Organization.) Additional Donations greatly needed and appreciated!

Click here to view and print the PDF Membership Form for new memberships.

The Chapter's membership year starts on April 15th each year. You may send in a check without the form, but please indicate on your check that it is for membership. Donations to NSVAS are fully tax deductible and they help support local programs and projects that raise community awareness of environmental conservation and protection. You may receive the Oak Leaf Newsletters by regular mail or email. We are making efforts to reduce mailing and materials costs by going email, so please indicate on your membership form or contact us if you would like your newsletter emailed.

Thank you!!!

To JOIN, RENEW, or DONATE through PayPal, click the "Donate" button below:



Or you may mail in a check for donations of any amount and new/renewal memberships of $15 to:

NSVAS, c/o Treasurer, 1346 Sulphur Springs Rd, Middletown VA 22645

Note: All other mail please send to P.O. Box 2693, Winchester VA 22604

NSVAS is a 501(c)(3) IRS Non-Profit Organization. All donations are tax deductible.